Electrostatic chuck mechanism



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To realize an electrostatic chuck mechanism, in which whether a wafer is fixed is detected highly accurately using a simple configuration. <P>SOLUTION: The electrostatic chuck mechanism for electrostatically fixing a plate-like object 40 is provided with: a placing surface 50; electrostatic chuck means 59A-59B, provided inside of the placing surface for fixing the placed plate-like object on the placing surface; and a plurality of switches 91A-91D, which are switched to be turned on, when their movable tops are located lower than a predetermined position, located such that the tops become higher than the placing surface, and arranged on the placing surface, such that the tops become lower than the predetermined position in contact with a rear side of the plate-like object, when the plate-like object is fixed on the placing surface. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2004,JPO
【課題】ウエハが固定されているかが、簡単な構成で、高精度に検出できる静電チャック機構の実現。 【解決手段】板状物40を静電的に固定する静電チャック機構であって、載置面50と、載置面の内部に設けられ、載置された前記板状物を前記載置面に固定する静電チャック手段59A−59Bと、移動可能な先端が所定位置より低い位置にある時にオンするスイッチであって、先端が載置面より高い位置になるように配置され、板状物を載置面に固定した時に先端が前記板状物の裏面に接触して前記所定位置より低い位置になるように、載置面に配置された複数のスイッチ91A−91Dとを備える。 【選択図】   図2




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