Pot-planted plant root rot-preventing wooden strip water content-adjusting device



【課題】植木鉢への適切な水を植物の根元に給水を目的とする 【構成】自然のまさ目木取りの細い木片を利用この木片が湿気を帯びると伸びるそして木片が乾燥すると縮む特性を利用、埋設ケース内で二本の毛細管現象で水を吸収する水上げ繊維テープに対面、接触する板バネの先端に固定した給水繊維テープに給水されているが植木鉢内の土の水分が多くなると木片に湿気が帯び始まると木片が板バネを押すと給水が止まる又土の水分が乾き始まると木片も乾燥し縮まると又給水繊維テープに水分が吸収されて来る適切な水の供給装置。 【選択図】  図1
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a watering device for supplying suitable water to a plating pot, at the root of a plant. <P>SOLUTION: The suitable water-supplying device is provided by utilizing a thin wooden strip cut out along natural straight grain which has a characteristic of elongating by having moisture and contracting by drying, and watering a water feeding fiber tape fixed at the tip end of a plate spring which faces to two watering fiber tapes absorbing water by a capillary phenomenon in a buried case. When the water content of the soil in the planting pot becomes high, the moistened wooden strip pushes a plate spring to stop the watering, and when the water content in the soil starts drying, the wooden strip dries and contracts, and the watering tape starts absorbing water to supply a suitable amount of water. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2004,JPO




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