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【課題】湯水に浮かべると必ず上を向いているおもて面と、必ず下を向いている裏面を有することで問題と解答を表示でき、入浴中に遊びながら学べる主に幼児向けの学習用玩具を作ること。 【解決手段】湯水に浮かべることができる材質で、対面する両方の面に文字や絵等を表示できる形状の本体部に、問題を表示するおもて面側の内部に空洞を設けるか、或いは解答を表示する裏面側に重し部を設けることにより、湯水に浮かべると手でひっくり返さない限り、問題を表記したおもて面側は必ず上を向き、解答を表示した裏面側は必ず下を向かせて浮かべておくことができるようになり、入浴中に遊びながら学べる主に幼児向けの学習用玩具となる。 【選択図】  図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a toy for learning primarily for small children enabling learning with a sense of play during bathing by providing a front face which is always turned upward, and a back face which is always turned downward while floating on bath water for showing a problem and a solution. SOLUTION: A toy body part is formed of a material capable of floating on the bath water, which part has a shape suitable for showing characters, pictures, or the like, on both opposite faces. A hollow is provided inside of the front face for showing the problem, or a weight part is provided on the back face for showing the solution, so that it is floated on the bath water with the front face having the problem written always turned upward, and the back face having the solution written is always turned downward unless it is turned over by the hand. Thereby, it serves as the toy for learning primarily for small children allowing learning with the sense of play during bathing. COPYRIGHT: (C)2004,JPO




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