Steel wire rod, production method therefor and production method for steel wire using the steel wire rod



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To stably obtain a steel wire rod which has excellent cold workability and is suitable as the production stock for a steel cord or the like and an inexpensive fine-diameter high strength steel wire. SOLUTION: The steel wire rod is produced by preparing a chemical composition comprising 0.90 to 1.10% C and 0.2 to 0.6% Cr, and, if required, comprising Co and B as well, further controlling the size of pearlite blocks to No. 6 to 8 by austenite crystal grain size number, controlling the production of pro-eutectoid cementite to ≤0.2% by volume, controlling the thickness of cementite in pearlite to ≤20 nm, and controlling the concentration of Cr comprised in the cementite to ≤1.5%. The steel wire rod is produced by performing hot wire rod rolling in which heating temperature and finishing temperature are specifically controlled, and thereafter performing two stage cooling at specified cooling rates. Thus, intermediate heat treatment can be eliminated in the production of the fine-diameter high strength steel wire using the steel wire rod as the stock. COPYRIGHT: (C)2004,JPO
【課題】スチ−ルコ−ド等の製造素材として好適な冷間加工性に優れた鋼線材や、廉価な細径高強度鋼線を安定提供できる手段を確立する。 【解決手段】鋼線材を、C:0.90〜1.10%,Cr:0.2 〜0.6 %を含有すると共に必要に応じてCo,Bをも含む化学組成にすると共に、パ−ライトブロックの大きさを鋼のオ−ステナイト結晶粒度番号で6〜8番に、初析セメンタイトの生成量を体積率で 0.2%以下に、パ−ライト中のセメンタイト厚さを20nm以下に、そして当該セメンタイト中に含まれるCrの濃度を 1.5%以下に調整する。当該鋼線材は、加熱温度及び仕上げ温度を特定に調整した熱間線材圧延を施した後、特定冷却速度の2段階冷却を行って製造する。この鋼線材を素材とした細径高強度鋼線の製造では、中間熱処理を省略することができる。 【選択図】    なし




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